A few years ago I visited a winery in Oregon. It was running under a unique premise. The facility was not owned by any of the vintners using it. Instead they used the space to perfect their products the same way musicians use studio space to perfect their art. Each vintner payed for the materials used, but shared the equipment. This created a wonderful benefit! Not only where small producers without the capital to open a facility getting a chance to produce commercial quantities of product, but they were benefiting from each other’s experience.

This approach resonated with me, and as I worked to perfect my own beer recipes, I learned more about how difficult it is to take a product out into the market. It occurred to me that this model could easily work for craft beer. Many brewers have truly amazing recipes that never see more than a few competitions. The dream of taking it to a larger audience is snuffed by monitary, experience, or situational restrictions. Eliminating these restrictions is the goal of what I am trying to do here.

Craft Beer Studio will be a commercial scale brewery available to anyone able to raise the minimum batch cost (TBD but affordably low). This is where most contract brewery’s services end, but where Craft Beer Studio differentiates itself. The studio will host tastings with distributors,  provide tap space at local events, produce print ads, host member beers in it’s tasting room, and much more. All to ensure that these innovative beers have a chance.

My hope is to create a space where brewers perfect their art, hone their skills, and forge lasting relationships with the brewing community.




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