Equipment and pricing adjustments

After talking to a few brewers, to get the most bang for the buck in a 100% contract brewery, and be able to compete with the larger operators, a 30Bbl brew house is a better option than just 15Bbl. It lowers the man hours for getting you up to larger batches, but still runs at 15Bbl for the brewers just starting out. I’m re-contacting my previous vendors to get adjusted quotes to see where that puts me for start up capitol requirements. Rough guess…another 100k.

A few numbers have been adjusted since I last posted. I’ve split the offerings at the facility to better accommodate established brewers who just need spare capacity. So dropping the 15bbl batch rate to a competitive price with no consulting services.

I also adjusted my cellar design to allow for more flexibility, and therefore more batches per month. This drove down my cost per barrel and allowed me to lower the batch rate with consulting by $500 per 15Bbl.


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